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Fauted Geologist welcomes you to the Kansas City hub for rock climbing routes, bouldering spots, and mountain bike trails. Find new routes and submit your favorite spots.

This site began as a place to put my Field Methods course work up. My fascination with biking and climbing took over, and a weblog of my adventures was added.

Please enjoy these places respectfully by taking nothing but pictures and leaving nothing but footprints, or as the French say, ne prenez que des photos et ne rien laisser que des empreintes.

Buy and read the Climber's Guide to the Midwest's Metamorphic Forms by Marcus Floyd, and read more on the Adventures page.

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165 mile Ozark Highlands Trail Hike

In June 2k12 I embarked on a backpacking trip with Matt Boulton, a High School friend since 18 years ago. He attempted the OHT in 2008, only to have a stress fracture in his foot which caused him to abort the mission. We decided to make another attempt at success and ended up conquering the trail. It was the first massive hike I had done since Philmont in 1993 around the time that I earned my Eagle Scout award. I applied most of my spare time in years past to go climbing or mountain biking, and backpacked on day hikes and some overnights. My climbing pack was the most used backpack for years.

Look for gear reviews as a new section of the website. They will start appearing in July 2k12, and will continue to be posted as I find the best of the best backpacking gear. I tend to push things to the limits, and have a great understanding of what sucks and how to make things better. If you are a company who would like your gear reviewed, send me some of your best and let me work my magic. In return, you will get review videos and posts plus detailed comments on why it is perfect or what needs to be improved. We had trouble with our Katadyn Hiker water filters, and I was thoroughly annoyed with the sound of the MSR UL-2 trekking poles as they continued to vibrate louder with each day. More details will follow.

We had time to think about all sorts of things, one of the most important of which was the ability to survive out of a single backpack. Upon returning, one is bound to realize that we do not need all the crap thet we surround ourselves with in this modern world. For me, the hike was about proving to myself that I could survive in the wilderness. Future treks will include more hunting and gathering, but this one was about covering distance.

Elevated Climbing League

Kansas City rock climbers need to unite if we are ever to climb with the best. Join us for an evening at the Ibex climbing gym. Ask them about doing special events and night climbs on Friday nights in 2k12. We have discussed a Friday climb from 8 or 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. with free beverages like coffee and tea from Solar Tea. Climbers can meet new people near their skill level and plan expeditions.

The goal is to start something like the Outdoor Games here in the Midwest, U.S.A. where sports are combined with a festival and nightly entertainment from DJs and bands. If you know of any areas conducive to an event, let us know.

Zen Moment with the Faulted Geologist

This perfect meditation spot is located in Warsaw, MO along a river bank that cut through 300-350 million year old rock to form some cool climbing spots. I was solo sport climibing and had no one to belay me, so I kept things simple.

The iPad is facing down from a tree above. All that is visible is the river below with a horizon at the very top of the screen showing the other side. Ten minutes slipped by as the breeze gently pushed and pulled. Enjoy full screen.

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Groups in Kansas City to Explore With
  • K.C. Adventure Club meets frequently and hosts biking and climbing mixed in with hikes and other fun sports.
  • K.C. Hiking Club meets frequently and hosts day hikes with a middle-aged group of people.
  • K.C. Cycling Club meets frequently and hosts bike rides with some dedicated cyclists.