Faulted Geologist is Exploring Kansas City Bike Trails

Kansas City Mountain Bike Trails

Once again, Please enjoy these mountain bike trails respectfully by taking nothing but pictures and leaving nothing but footprints, or as the French say, ne prenez que des photos et ne rien laisser que des empreintes.

For further information on area trails and group rides, visit www.earthriders.com and join in the fun.

Swope Park, KC, MO

Swope Park Mountain Bike Trails are located East of Brookside in Kansas City on 63rd and Swope Parkway near I-435 and 71 hwy. A full 18 holes of frisbee golf hop the valleys on the South side of the park. Somewhere in the middle you will find bike racks and people riding. The area is not extensive, and all the trails can be ridden in a couple hours. Ride them all backwards for a twist, and check the new trails that weave amongst old Scout Camp buildings and a mounted Police patrol headquarters. Watch for horse shit and announce it loud when you find it on our bike trails.

We witnessed people shooting guns and probably selling them black market just down the way at a shelter. The police showed up in a car asking where the shots came from and we pointed them out. The passenger copper got a machine gun the size of his whole leg out of the trunk and they took off. No further shots were fired. Welcome to our hood.

  • Beginner to Intermediate.
  • Mostly smooth trails with some rough trails.
  • Well-known spot, frequent people.

Minor Park, KC, MO

Minor Park is probably the same limestone layers present at Swope Park and Cliff Drive. Tens of miles of bike trails weave through the cliffs and ledges, dipping across the Little Blue River.

Try going South on Blue River Road from Red Bridge Road. Turn around at the soccer fields and park by the waterfall. Follow the trail North and watch for the cliffs. The Great Pizza Slice is the first one you will come upon. I started cleaning these cliffs, but more work remains.

Stories about break-ins are frequent, and my first day out was an eye-opener. We saw cops taking a report from a car that was looted on the side of the road.

There is a massive hill of at least 45 degrees decline that I twisted the back rim on after a biff at the two thirds point. Three of five crashed hard, and I had to walk my bike out. I learned to buy only dual-wall rims, and also learned to my displeasure that not all Trek mountain bikes come with dual wall rims.

Fall 2k10 was rough on the body. My left pointer finger is permanently krunked from a biff as we raced the setting sun. No hard feelings towards Minor Park, it was my fault for rushing.

  • Very diverse trails, from beginner to advanced.
  • Upper trails dry quickly, river stays soggy.
  • Easily kill a whole day here.
  • Crime level is medium.

Landahl Park, Blue Springs, MO

Landahl Park Mountain Bike Trails are located East of downtown Kansas City. Go East on I-70, North on Highway 7, Right at the Lake City Range sign, and you will see the park on the North side across from the archery range.

Trails are diverse and seem to go in loops. Ask around for the Big Hill and ride it hard. Just hold on tight as you reach top speed and scream your head off.

  • Beginner to Intermediate.
  • Mostly smooth trails with some rough trails.
  • Well-known spot, frequent people.

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