Faulted Geologist is Exploring Kansas City Rock Faces

Many Rock Faces Await the Faulted Geologist

Join Clint, a.k.a. the Faulted Geologist, at one of these outdoor locations. Plesae submit your favorite routes with the information below.

Rock Climbing Events in 2011

Starting in October 2011, DJ Clintoris will hopefully have a weekly or monthly disc jockey and climb night at Ibex Climbing Gym in Kansas City, our favorite local spot for indoor bouldering and rock climbing.

New Petzl 2011 Catalog and Climbing Guide

Download the new Petzl 2011 Catalog and Climbing Guide, which is full of tips and techniques for safe climbing. Bring the pdf document with you on an iPad for reference while climbing.

Kansas City Rock Faces

Once again, Please enjoy these rock faces respectfully by taking nothing but pictures and leaving nothing but footprints, or as the French say, ne prenez que des photos et ne rien laisser que des empreintes. Exceptions: Maybe a little chalk is okay, and please remove any poison ivy you find.

Cliff Drive, KC, MO

Cliff Drive is located North-East of downtown Kansas City on Prospect Avenue, just North of Independence Avenue. A full 18 holes of frisbee golf wrap the park in a half wooded, half open course. Park by the basket for hole 9 or the tee pad for hole 10 and walk down the hill and to the left. You will be at the best cliffs around the tee pad for hole 8.

  • 8-15 meter tall cliffs.
  • 100 meters of horizontal runs.
  • Partially cleared.
  • No hardware.
  • Well-known spot, needs more love.

Minor Park, KC, MO

Minor Park is probably the same limestone layers present at Swope Park and Cliff Drive. Tens of miles of bike trails weave through the cliffs and ledges, dipping across the Little Blue River.

Try going South on Blue River Road from Red Bridge Road. Turn around at the soccer fields and park by the waterfall. Follow the trail North and watch for the cliffs. The Great Pizza Slice is the first one you will come upon. I started cleaning these cliffs, but more work remains.

  • 2-7 meter tall cliffs.
  • 10 meters of horizontal at many places.
  • Partially cleared.
  • No hardware.
  • Riders cruise by every day, few climb.

Pictures of the Faulted Geologist on More Crack

Here are more pictures from Everett's first birthday, as promised. More will certainly follow.

Email DJ Clint


Please include the following:

  • GPS Location for the rock face and parking.
  • Physical Details such as height, length, variation, skill level.
  • Readyness Detalis such as overgrowth, dirt, loose rocks, or clean and clear.
  • Hardware Details like clips, lines, raw, new, etc.
  • Review the history of that spot or your experience there.