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Everyone serious about something needs an output for such hobbies. Businesses pay accountants to write a financial log, but that is pretty boring and usually fictional. Keeping such stories on a site like Facebook only gets them lost in the every day clutter of web life. This WebLog aims to keep the focus on a chronological progression through the journeys, with Adventure 01 starting on April Fools Day 2011.

Before Going on Your Own Adventures

Everything associated with rock climbing gives serious warnings about the dangers involved and of your safety. I will skip most of that and say that you should not climb without going to an extreme sporting goods store and getting proper equipment. Talk to everyone along the way and ask questions -- don't be afraid of being the new guy here.

Before going on a serious climb, or even before your next bouldering section, buy and read the Climber's Guide to the Midwest's Metamorphic Forms by Marcus Floyd, a well-composed journal of Sport Climbing, Bouldering, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Spelunking, Scuba Diving, and Vineyard Exploration.

In addition to reading the book, please visit and read the complete Fundamentals of Rock Climbing page on the Bouldering Garden website.

I recently met Marcus Floyd in person after meeting some of the people that work and climb with him. His fellow climbers are highly skilled indoor boulderers, and I now know why they excel. Marcus immediately strikes you as a serious person willing to push you to the limits, while always exuding a positive energy. I look forward to taking all of the safety classes that Marcus offers in-house at the Columbia, Missouri Bouldering Garden location.

Warsaw April Adventure

Warsaw, Missouri River

Escaping for another weekend was a must after many days of responsibilities that took all my time. Thanks to my friends in Warsaw that took me in and fed me. I added a nice map of Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Lake, and I know how to get around now.

The director of the Parks and Recreations in Warsaw, Missouri is adding all sorts of activities to their city, with a recent focus on trails for hikers and bikers. There are a few places to climb, but avoid the rock cliffs at the Dam Visitor Center. These cliffs are guarded by the vigilant Army Corps of Engineers Security. The kids that approached me looked like they should be climbers, but they threatened me with expensive tickets instead of joining in the fun. I made it at least a hundred feet along the wall in a massive traverse. Falling would be rewarded by a small mucky stream running below me.

Spring Break 2011

Katfish Katy's Campgrounds, Rocheport, Missouri River

  • 2011 04 April
  • Adventure 01

A week before spring break I got a horrible case of poison ivy from clearing the rock face of vines at Cliff Drive in Kansas City. I felt horrible for five days of my spring break, but woke up on Thursday feeling somewhat functional. Despite much interest from friends, few are taking the steps to escape the city. I was surprised when Kaedden kad the a couple days open and had just gotten his harness and gear.

After a trip to Dynamic Earth Equipment Company in Overland Park, KS for some top rope straps and carabiners, we got out of town only a few hours behind the spontaneous schedule.

We camped Thursday night in freezing cold, waking early for coffee and eggs before setting out.


This area may be on private property, but it may be Missouri State property. Any spot visible from the trail is not advised, as State patrol can issue tickets for climbing in areas where it is prohibited. Read more and find routes you can climb in the book listed above.

We continued on after finding too much loose rock in search of a taller cliff from which we could stretch the full rope out. After riding less than a mile from mile marker 173, we came to the striped cliff. From the top one can view I-70 to the North, and the horizon extends across the plains forever. Kaedden picked the right spot top-side on the first try, and with our top rope secure we began to climb up.

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