mountain background in Colorado

Faulted Geologist

Faulted Geologist a.k.a. Clint Richard White

Clint White, a.k.a. Faulted Geologist, earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Minor in Geology from UMKC. Decades of experience in Professional Photography, audio and video editing, web design, and more bring value. Wilderness Survival trained, packed and ready. FG sees the patterns and interactions in nature, data, and life. See what the backcountry wilderness has to teach us. Contact the Faulted Geologist for your in-bounds job or expedition!

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Spread knowledge and love. When all else fails, climb a mountain.

Remote Sensing Above and Below Ground

Contact FG to discuss how our Remote Sensing Services can save you time and money. Contractor or employee time and equipment use gets expensive fast. Find out how we can use Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR

in addition to other remote sensing technology (RST) to solve your utility or contractor problems.

Quadcopter Drone Aerial Surveys