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Buffalo River Trail, AR, USGS Hiking Map

The Buffalo River Trail in Arkansas is a beautiful and pristine expanse of land protected by one of the first National acts by a President. A local said you will not see signs, stores, houses, stairs, docks, ramps, or anything else that other rivers are polluted with.

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To obtain a copy of all 4 maps color laser printed on 11x17 waterproof paper, please contact Charlie at Ouachita Maps. The maps below are at half-resolution, and might print well on letter size paper; Charlie offers the full-res versions for free on his site. The BRT Maps Page has information on an additional two sections yet explored by us.

  1. brt trail map 1 of 4

    BRT map 1 of 4 from Boxley to Ponca

    Kayak or Raft - the roughest section of the river. Supplies, guides, and rentals are available in Ponca for casual floaters.

    Backpacking - A cool mountain spring exhibits fresh water early on the trail in our June hike. On the OHT in June 2012 drought we never found water above 800ft. Pump and chug!

  2. brt trail map 2 of 4

    BRT map 2 of 4 from Ponca to Kyle's Landing

    Kayak or Raft - a stunning light whitewater experience with high canyon walls. Camping at Kyle's Landing is popular.

    Backpacking - Get past Camp Orr, but beware the steep hills and find a good flat campsite. We had a bear circling our camp that night slamming a tree trunk, so cook away from camp and hang the food high!

  3. brt trail map 3 of 4

    BRT Map 3 of 4 from Kyle's Landing to Erbie

    Kayak or Raft - another stunning section with massive sandstone walls that rock climbers can deep water solo on.

    Backpacking - Gentle spots exist between the climbs up and down the valley. Watch for the raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries in June and July.

  4. brt trail map 4 of 4

    BRT map 4 of 4 from Erbie to Pruitt

    Kayak or Raft - the easiest section of the float, with a nice outage and campground to welcome you.

    Backpacking - enjoy the end of the trail as you descend to the camp. A Ranger Station is here, so if you park your car and get a ride to the start it stays fairly well protected.